Dr. Gold has been writing his column since 1995, samples of which are found below.  Please feel free to email any questions.

Lightning: A Spring Killer on the Loose

© May 2, 2011; by Dan A. Gold, MD

The weekend finally arrived with early clear skies and brief promise of spring soccer, tennis, and softball activities for parents and school students alike. As children took to the fields and courts, the games were on. Unfortunately, this day, mother nature was brewing surprise: lightning. (read more)


NETI Pot Use For Healthy Sinuses: Tis the Season

© April 24, 2008; by Dan A. Gold, MD

It is Spring again, not just by the calendar, but by many signs. Days are warmer and the trees and grasses are producing their foliage. I can also tell by the recent increase in head congestion complaints and sinusitis cases in the office. The good news is the existence of an age old remedy for maintenance of upper respiratory health and the treatment of sinus disease: the neti pot. (read more)


When Your Navel Leaks: the Primitive Urachus

© March 6, 2008; by Dan A. Gold, MD

The navel!  Some are adorned with jewelry (piercings).  Some are perhaps kept covered and forgotten.  Unless removed surgically, we all have one.  This body landmark is the remnant scar from our umbilical cord.  The cord is severed at birth and its stump soon falls away from the lower abdomen leaving the navel.  Perhaps few of us ever really think about the navel again...unless it gives trouble.   (read more)


Need More Fiber? A Bran Muffin per Day Works

© May 28, 2012; by Dan A. Gold, MD

Peristalsis is a body function that many take for granted. It is the major way that our digestive tract pushes content through the body and consists of wave after wave of muscular constrictions. We never think about peristalsis, that is, until it slows or becomes ineffective. Then, constipation occurs, and that commands attention immediately. (read more)